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    2 days ago

    Sleepy Hollow 10k!

    My main goal was to finish before all the apple cider doughnuts at the finish line were covered in bees. I did it!





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    4 days ago

    The Great Crosstrainer Hunt

    I ordered 3 pairs from Zappos the other day. This is out of the 5 pairs I originally had in my cart.

    I really, really wanted to like the top ones most of all.

    First I tried on the ASICS. I found that the toe box was super tight and there was more pressure than I find comfortable across the top of my foot. Sad, they’re very pretty and the cheapest of all 5 pairs.

    Next I tried both Rykas on at the same time. Sadly, my narrow heels slipped a ton in both styles. Womp womp. Back to square one (and apologies to our office mailroom guy who keeps bringing/retrieving shoe boxes for me.) If you do NOT have weirdly narrow heels or constant issues with heel slippage, these may work for you!

    Also, a note of appreciation for Zappos being the shit. I’m also buying/returning winter boots (one style, but two different sizes/colors) and I confused one of my return orders. Livechat assistance sorted it all out for me AND fixed it so I could exchange for what I want instead of returning/re-buying. A+ customer service.

    Next up (maybe after I finish my current round of returns): these terrifyingly bright/amazing ASICS.


    shoe shopping


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    5 days ago

    Despite my earlier post, I knew I had to run SOMEWHERE tonight. It was the plan. Technically I should’ve done it yesterday, but I had soccer and I’m already bad at soccer- I don’t need to add ‘being physically exhausted’ to the mix.




    I thought to myself “what would Betsy do?” Well for starters, she’d probably run more than 4 miles. BUT, Betsy does hills. Betsy eats hills for breakfast. So I did hills. I originally planned to one more round for another mile or so, but this was HARD. The hill isn’t that steep, but it’s just a consistent uphill for almost 3/4 mile. Would I like to have run this faster? Sure! One day…

    The downhills were fun though! I walked a bit on the second and third time up the hill (not the first!) and didn’t walk any flat/downhill. Basically I wanted to convince myself that I can do the hills in Sleepy Hollow, and I think I can. They’re steeper, but shorter.

    This has also taught me that I should run hills in Park Slope more often! It’s not my neighborhood but I ran there tonight because it’s generally safe and well lit, but I think running routes like this more often will definitely make me a better runner.





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    5 days ago


    I don’t want to run in the rain, but I also don’t know that I can stomach 5-6 miles on the treadmill.


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    6 days ago

    What are your favorite crosstrainers?

    I’m in the market for a new pair of non-running gym shoes. I nearly turned my ankle at Zumba last night, so it seems like time.

    I always freeze up when I look for crosstrainers. When I need new running shoes I just walk into JackRabbit and they tell me what to buy (which is to say, I buy the newest model of the same shoe I’ve been running in for 3 years.) Crosstrainers I just have to choose MYSELF?

    What are your favs? What do you wear? I’m looking for one shoe that will be acceptable for all of the following:

    • Zumba (needs lateral support so I don’t slide off the sole)
    • General gym use (stair climber, elliptical, some light lifting but if I’m doing heavy squats/deadlifts I’ll switch to my Converse)
    • Long walks
    • Ideally, also for soccer. I have a pair of cleats but they hurt my feet and I can’t wear them if I play indoor leagues.

    I don’t do any of the above to really warrant getting separate shoes for each activity, so I’m hoping there’s an all-purpose option that’ll work better than my current Saucony Bullets. And also it can’t be leather/leather-trimmed.

    I have some stuff in my Zappos cart, but if any of you have a magic shoe you’d recommend, shout it out!




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    1 week ago

    The truth is, I don’t run nearly enough for how disappointed I get at my lack of progress. (Have I said that yet? I can’t remember.) I know this. So if you roll your eyes at my constant disappointment that I’m not running 9 minute miles yet and think “Girl, you are not putting in the work”, just take comfort in the fact that I KNOWWWWWW.

    Thursday instead of going to the gym I went to trivia. Friday instead of running I went to see Cameron Esposito. Saturday instead of running/gym I wandered Brooklyn collecting homebrew supplies.

    Yesterday I was exhausted after starting to brew my first batch of homemade beer with my roommate, and then watching a bunch of youtube tutorials for beer brewing (perhaps I should have done those two things in the opposite order?) It was dark and I wanted to just watch Netflix.

    Instead, I put on my running shoes and set out to run at least 5 miles. I ended up running about 5 1/4 (which makes me feel like at least I won’t collapse at Sleepy Hollow and have to roll the last half of it) and only stopping to walk once (plus twice at lights when I didn’t run in place waiting for it to change.) It was slow, but at least consistent. THEN I watched Netflix.

    And I only gave the finger to 3 dudes who felt the need to comment on my appearance (though I got one of them twice, as he made kissy noises at me on my way out AND back. Judging by my quick-trigger-middle-finger I should absolutely never ever own a gun.)

    Since I’ve completely abandoned my training plan for the 5k, my new goal is to spend this week prepping for Sleepy Hollow, and then use the following 2 weeks on mostly speedwork to try to shave a few minutes off my time.


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    1 week ago



    "I wore a dress last night to a TV awards, which I’ve worn before and that’s a no-no. You don’t wear the same dress twice. Why? I like it. It’s a nice dress. All that stuff is bullshit." Maisie Williams


    I love when celebrities call out how ridiculous this concept is (I mean, I get it if you’re wearing rented or borrowed clothing, but if you like it enough to buy it, hell yeah be seen in it as much as you want!) but also reminds me of one reason I love Keira Knightley- she wore a Chanel dress to something in 2008, then got married in it 5 years later, then wore it to at least one more red carpet event after that. You know, just wearing your wedding dress on a red carpet!

    (In other news, I’m obsessed with that dress. If I owned it I would wear it every day.)

    (via libbylivinglife)

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    1 week ago

    well now I’m just imagining the awesomeness that would be an Esposito-Crews buddy movie.

    terry crews

    cameron esposito

    best idea ever


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    1 week ago

    Exposing myself

    One of my current two favorite people*, Cameron Esposito, discusses her past and current struggle with food and personal triumphs in body image. Not the funniest thing I’ve read from her (some excellent puns though) but it’s not exactly a hilarious topic, and hopefully if more people talk about stuff like this, maybe people will stop saying such damaging things to kids about their bodies.

    *The other current favorite is Terry Crews, manly man, feminist and national treasure.

    cameron esposito

    body image

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    1 week ago