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    15 hours ago

    Homemade summer rolls for dinner!

    Kale, carrots, tofu, quinoa, brown rice paper, peanut sauce.

    Would skip the kale or replace with something else next time. Too tough, and I even massaged it!

    food pics

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    23 hours ago

    This morning I ran my 3-mile loop in about 35 minutes. I can blame the sun (it was NOT 68 degrees or whatever I said it would be last night) or having to wait for some lights to change (true) but I can’t help but be pretty worried about not coming anywhere near my goal time for my November 5k.

    It’s literally the only running-related goal I made all year (sub-30) but I am just SO SLOW*. I’m trying not to get frustrated because the more frustrated I get the less I want to run. Part of me wants to give up so I can save face for when I likely can’t make it happen, but I know if I can’t make it happen for THIS race, I’ll just keep trying until I eventually can.

    I have a few more weeks before I start my 8-week speed-training plan, so I’m just going to try to improve my consistency before that.

    My birthday is in one month. We’re all getting older, you guys. This isn’t relevant to anything, I just realized it this morning.

    *blah blah blah, slow for my goals, not a judgement on anyone ELSE’S pace, this is solely ‘slow’ as it relates to me and what I’m trying to do this fall.



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    1 day ago

    Gym: 15 minutes of arc trainer intervals, zumba class.

    Dinner: Leftover biscuit & gravy with veggie sausage. No picture because I learned yesterday that it’s gross looking. Just imagine that someone ate a bunch of sausage and then threw up on a biscuit. It looked like that.

    It’ll be 65 with a dew point of 53 tomorrow morning, so I’m gonna go rinse off and go to bed so I can (hopefully) run a bit before work.

    I thought I wimped out on enough of yesterday’s yoga class to avoid sore muscles, but my arms and shoulders are basically dying today. So uncomfortable.



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    2 days ago

    I like to listen to podcasts on my walks. Yesterday I was listening to an episode of Doug Loves Movies and Cameron Esposito was a guest. I’d seen a clip of her posted somewhere on the internet and thought she was funny, so I ended up subscribing to HER podcast, Put Your Hands Together (which is really just a recording of a stand-up show that she hosts.)

    Guys, pretty much everything she says is just so fucking delightful. I was like “I knew I would like you as soon as you said that you disliked “Her” because you disagreed with the gender politics!”

    This clip is older, but I guess she was on Conan last week-ish (side note, my computer tried to change that to “weakfish,” which I did not know was a word) and that was also good.

    This is relevant really only because I think comedy podcasts make walking for a long time seem a lot shorter, but I wanted to share in case anyone else enjoys laughing.


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    2 days ago

    Gym: 45 mins elliptical intervals (I switched machines after 15, that’s not a weird lie), PT, yoga. Yoga was ROUGH. I haven’t been in a while, the room was kinda hot, and it moved a little faster than I could keep up with. I took child’s pose a lot, but that’s fine.

    Lunch: homemade biscuits and gravy, charred elote salad. OR dog food and buttered popcorn. YOU DECIDE!! I know it looks awful but it’s pretty great.

    food pics




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    3 days ago

    Weekend of Solitude: Day One

    I did not take a nap in the park.

    On my way home from summer streets, I stopped at the farmers market in my old ‘hood. I was on the hunt for eggs and strawberries, but ended up just getting a bunch of other stuff.


    I haven’t bought local honey before, I always end up cheaping out and buying Trader Joe’s. Also, this dictates weekend plans to make baked green tomatoes and a corn salad. (Since I didn’t make those tonight, I will be doing that tomorrow.)

    I walked home through the park, stopped at the bodega to pick up eggs, then decided to make a full English breakfast for no real reason. (Inspired by tomatoes, I guess?)


    I forgot to make beans. And the cheese is something Mexican, not havarti, but it still grilled okay.

    After watching a bit of Mrs Doubtfire with my roommate, I decided to go walk shelter dogs at the place around the corner from me! Unfortunately, prospective volunteers have to go to an orientation, and based on the dates I can’t start doing that until next month.

    Anyway, I kept walking and ended up in Gowanus at Ample Hills for ice cream.


    (That’s “it came from Gowanus” on the left and “the raw deal” on the right. I got a large instead of my usual ‘regular’ and it was definitely too much.)

    Continued on to Target, full of the worst children in the world, then spent the evening half-heartedly kind-of cleaning, and watching the rest of Mrs Doubtfire. Solid day, I truly enjoyed hanging out with myself. It’s almost frightening how easily I could become a hermit if I didn’t like…live with people and have to go to work 5 days a week.

    See you tomorrow, me!

    food pics

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    4 days ago

    Summer streets! I snoozed my alarm and then took the subway up to 63rd to start at the top of the route, so I didn’t get started til almost 9.

    Oh, strava, you think you’re being kind by subtracting the time I was standing still waiting at lights. Really about 45 mins, from 59th to Canal street.

    I’ve declared this the Weekend of Solitude, as I need a little recharge time. I’ll probably take a nap in the park later. Should be a good time.



    summer streets


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    4 days ago

    Gym: 2 miles on the arc trainer, 10 miles on a bike (watched the second half of The Other Guys), a bunch of upper body lifting

    Dinner: tofu and broccoli slaw in chili lime sauce on some sort of roti-like bread I found in the freezer.



    food pics

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    4 days ago

    I rent out my apartment. But I also live ALONE. I would never subject someone else to that!
    I suppose I should clarify that I’m not anti-Airbnb in ALL scenarios. In NYC, I oppose it in rent-controlled/stabilized units. As it is, it’s pretty much impossible to find a decent apartment solo in NYC without paying 40-60% of your salary for rent (which is why I still live with a roommate when I’m almost 30.)
    I think in OTHER cities, renting out your place is your choice (though in apartment buildings it brings up the potential issue for other residents of the building who may not be comfortable with unverified strangers having the key to the building. If everyone seems cool, then who cares?) I think that renting out rooms by the owner in a private home is totally legit. Do it up, if you so choose!
    My issue was that I was a long term subletter myself (I’d been in the apartment for almost two and a half years) so when the leaseholder/messiest person in the apartment announced her plans to Airbnb her room and basically said that we (me and another longterm subletter) would be administrating the whole business, and also told us we’d have to keep the place hotel-level clean (oh hi, messiest person in the apartment!) I had no power to object. I think she grew up in a sort of youth-hostel-y environment so didn’t understand my discomfort at the idea of sharing [what I considered to be] my home with a rotating crop of strangers. Not to mention acting as hotel maid/receptionist.
    TL;DR, airbnb is fine, airbnb with roommates CAN be fine as long as everyone is on board and profiting, just NOT in NYC because it’s just going to further ruin the already-awful housing market/drive rents up FASTER.

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    4 days ago

    Ask A Native New Yorker: Should My Roommate Be Allowed To Airbnb Her Room?


    This is why I had to move out of my last apartment (not feeling comfortable with strangers coming and going and having to essentially live in a youth hostel) so I get a smug satisfaction from reading the comments where people say things like “What kind of asshole does this to their roommates?”

    Affordable housing is hard enough to find in the city, stop giving up precious rentals to tourists.