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    15 hours ago


    This is put on hold until this godawful canker sore inside my lower lip goes away.

    I know I’m being a baby, because I’m lucky enough not to get them very often, but the positioning of it makes it hard to eat/drink anything, put on chapstick, or move my mouth in any way. When people smile at me I halfheartedly grimace back at them.

    Mashed sweet potato with almond butter for dinner, I guess.

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    1 day ago

If you, like me, are awful at poaching eggs, I highly recommend Annie’s egg-poaching tutorial. This is the first time they’ve come out like perfect little pillows, not like gooey jellyfish.


    If you, like me, are awful at poaching eggs, I highly recommend Annie’s egg-poaching tutorial. This is the first time they’ve come out like perfect little pillows, not like gooey jellyfish.

    food pics


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    1 day ago

    All yogurt/strawberries/almonds/eggs/spinach, all the time.

    In an attempt to re-learn how not to eat like a college freshman*, I’m doing (a modified version of) the Cinch “fast forward” plan. I’ve done it for a few days at a time before, and it’s a good way for me to take the thinking out of eating well and get back on track. Kind of like some people (myself included, in the past) do short-term juice cleanses, except it’s nutritionally balanced and involves eating actual food.

    I’m pretty sure it came out of a book that I haven’t read, so I don’t want to go plagiarizing the plan all over the internet, but it involves assorted combinations of plain yogurt, almonds, raspberries, eggs and spinach. I don’t like raspberries so I swapped strawberries in.

    Like last time, I modified it to add some calories to it, because I’m pretty sure that as-described it would only be about 900-1000 calories and I don’t think that’s sufficient. I added egg whites to the eggs, and upped the quantities of yogurt and spinach. Also I’m not being terribly strict or serious about it- last night instead of a salad, I ate scrambled eggs cooked with a little greek yogurt, on top of a big pile of sauteed kale and broccoli (plus about a head of roasted garlic.) Subbing one dark green veggie for another seems close enough, yes?

    Anyway, I’m a bit hungry, but I actually enjoy all the food since it’s all stuff I already liked. I feel a lot better. I figure I’ll try to model my meals around this plan for the foreseeable future, except for times when I have actual plans to do otherwise (dinner out with friends, going home for Easter, etc.)

    *the main food groups of the college freshman diet being potatoes, pizza, ice cream and beer.


    meal plan

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    4 days ago

    My hip/IT band may not be ready for running or strenuous workouts, but at least I can still walk really far?



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    6 days ago

    The Mindy-K Training Plan

    Apparently Mindy Kaling said something on social media about wanting to run 9 minute miles. Runners World made her a training plan.

    I can’t tell if this is at least a little bit supposed to be a joke, but the joke’s on you Runners World, because a sub-30 5k is precisely my goal for the year.

    Also I signed up for one on 11/1 so I will have plenty of time to re-build a base and then do this plan.


    mindy kaling

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    1 week ago

    Pure Food & Wine, vegan raw restaurant. I got the cornbread pudding and the hen of the woods tacos al pastor. Had I thought it through I would’ve realized this was a LOT of corn, but everything was delicious. Doesn’t look like a ton of food, but I am STUFFED!

    Now time for drinks with my soccer team, and a soccer game.

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    Make This Broccoli Pizza Crust And Top It With Sriracha

    Wow, what a brilliant concept/horrifyingly unappetizing picture.

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    1 week ago

    The thing about telling people about a sort-of secret long term relationship

    is that it’s so much less exciting than you thought it would be when you have to tell people about the breakup at the same time.

    In case anyone was wondering why I’ve had shit to say for the past month.

    Hence all the cooking, beer, and Pretty Little Liars because hey, a girl’s gotta have a new hobby.

    Frankly, life kind of sucks right now.

    I'm a little drunk right now

    and about to finish my 13th episode of PLL since yesterday

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    1 week ago

    NY Times: Fake Meats, Finally, Taste Like Chicken


    Posting because yesterday I brought a salad with “chickenless” chicken strips to work, and one of my coworkers was very confused by the concept. Sure, they’re not chicken, but they’re tasty! (And from a food safety standpoint I worry less about them staying fresh during my commute.) On the other hand, there are a lot of meat substitutes my veggie mom won’t eat because she thinks they taste too much like meat, so I might be the target market after all.

    I remember the Whole Foods “chicken salad” vs “chick’n salad” mixup when it happened, and how horrified I was. I’ve bought that chick’n salad before (fortunately not during the mixup) and yeah, it is pretty chickeny. All the comments about the fiasco were like “Lol, so some dumb dummy vegetarians accidentally ate some good food, wah wah deal with it.”

    Even if you forget about the accidental allergen exposure (the regular chicken salad has soy and eggs that weren’t identified on the mixed-up labels), the emotional stress (and potential physical illness) of a long-time vegetarian accidentally eating meat is not insignificant. The last time I accidentally consumed meat, I spent the rest of the afternoon crying and dry-heaving and eventually throwing up.

    So in a restaurant situation I definitely understand steering clear of “too much like meat” fake-meats, and that’s part of why I’m enjoying making my own seitan stuff (well, that and the cost. And because it’s like a much less labor-intensive version of baking bread. And because cooking is like making crafts that you can eat.)