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    2 hours ago

    This is the RW plan, right? Do they say why they have tempo runs but no shorter speedwork? (says the person who cannot imagine doing 4 miles as the first tempo workout…. but runner’s world knows a lot more than I do about running! )
    Yes! The answer is that I can only fit a short description in my calendar summary, and the plan is referring to all Wednesday runs as ‘tempo’ even though some of them ARE shorter speedwork.
    "Tempo run" #1: 1m warmup, 2m @ 9:10, 1m cooldown
    "Tempo run" #2: 1m warmup, 3x800 @ 4:10 with 400m recovery, 1m cooldown
    "Tempo run" #3: 1m warmup, 3m @ 9:10 (THIS IS TERRIFYING), 1m cooldown
    "Tempo run" #4: 1m warmup, 2x 1m @ 8:55 with 800m jogs, 1m cooldown
    "Tempo run" #5: 1m warmup, 2m @ 9:10, 1m cooldown
    "Tempo run" #6: 1m warmup, 1m @ 9:05, 1m cooldown
    Realistically, me completing this plan 100% accurately and actually running a 5k at a 9:00 pace is pretty unlikely. However, I will just do the best I can given the base I have, and I think I can probably at least break 30 minutes. I’ll just keep at my goal and try for 9 minute miles again at another 5k/4-miler until I can eventually do it.
    I’ve never followed a training plan that wasn’t a Hal Higdon, so nothing that has this much specificity. But it’s only 8 weeks, and I think I can handle 8 weeks of a more rigid schedule.


    training plan

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    3 hours ago

    I’m scared.

    (No but really, my ‘easy pace’ is supposed to be 10:55 and I’m still mostly running 11:30-12:00. Oof.)




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    2 days ago

    I’m glad I didn’t look at the humidity/dew point before my mom asked me if I wanted to run this morning.

    My muscles were sore, I wasn’t feeling super amazing post-power-hour, and I’d just eaten a big breakfast. But my mom was getting on her bike and that was really all the encouragement I needed.

    About 3.2 miles in about 38-39 minutes. Slowed down by the humidity (84%, dew point 67) and all the people in town but it felt alright. Ran into my dad and sister circling the lake in the opposite direction, and my brother in law as I was getting back to the house (he was heading out for another loop of the lake after already riding 8 miles up Whiteface mtn)

    Last full day of vacation.




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    2 days ago

    -worked out on the porch of the cottage. Was the only one home, so was also in charge of my 7-year-old niece. She wanted to work out too, so I taught her how to lift cans of beans. (1lb seemed like an appropriate weight for a kid?) She kept talking about getting strong and asked for heavier cans. I was very proud. Yesterday she told me I was pretty and I said she was, too, then rushed to add that she was also brave and strong. Being a feminist role model is hard work.
    -Drove up Whiteface mtn then climbed the trail to the summit. Only 1/5 mile but straight up. Surprisingly hard work.
    -Climbed around some more at Little Whiteface
    -Did a Kidz Bop power hour while my brother and his girlfriend cooked dinner. Felt like we were corrupting my niece by having her yell “drink!” every time the song changed. I think that tipsy-me is an excellent companion for a 7 year old, as I’m very very willing to dance in circles for half an hour straight. I felt like power hour counted as my third workout of the day.
    -Post-dinner board games. We played scrabble. I won. This has never happened. Historically, I tend to lose so badly that I storm off and cry alone in my room for the next few hours (not RECENTLY but I’ve been so scarred from years of emotional scrabble games.)




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    4 days ago

    Made it out for a run! A loop around the lake is pretty much exactly 3 miles.

    It’s a little warmer than ideal running weather, but breezy and beautiful. It’s been almost a week since my last run, and maybe I just needed some rest because this definitely felt faster than my last few runs. I still have a lot of improvement to make but this felt good!





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    4 days ago

    Vacation so far!

    Meant to run this morning, but slept a bit late (amazing) and then took a family walk around town. After a bit of discussion we took a 2-hour hike and then headed back to get dinner started.

    Tonight was my night to cook! I made vegan Italian sausages, sweet Italian pork sausages, beef brats, potatoes with shallots and tarragon, broccoli slaw and a regular salad.

    food pics


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    6 days ago

    Currently on a northbound train for family vacation.

    So far I’ve eaten a bunch of chocolate rice cakes and a sandwich, watched Crazy Stupid Love and gone through a deck of Cards Against Humanity to take out all the cards that would be awkward to play in family company. We may have gone to see Borat as a family, but there are really only so many times you want to mention boners around your blood relatives.

    After I get off the train I have another 40 mins on a bus, which won’t be quite so cushy with as much room for my laptop. Anyone want to send me some asks to pass the time?

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    1 week ago

    malloryrunsthis replied to your post:AGING.
    This is exactly what is happening to me! Midnight is about as late as I ever want to stay up, three drinks is too many because I have things to do in the morning! Also, going out is boring now.
    See, I still think going out and drinking is plenty fun (though somehow my alcohol tolerance seems to fluctuate WILDLY so sometimes I miss the mark and accidentally end up college-drunk and confused about it.) But when it’s 1am and I’m like “Alright, I should pack it in,” I find it obnoxious to get eyes rolled at me by magical fairy-creatures who are somehow 32 and have no need for sleep. We are ADULTS, and leaving somewhere at 1 means I probably won’t be asleep until after 2!
    No one wants to be that person fighting tears on the subway platform because you fell for that “just one more drink!” nonsense and now it’s late-night-train-service-time and you have to wait 20 minutes just to get ON the train and you just want to be HOME.

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    1 week ago


    My first few years of living in the city, I would routinely stay out to close down a bar, and still make it to work the next day. There was a solid year and a half when a friend of mine DJed on Tuesday nights, so my coworker and I would stay at the bar until it closed at 4, find a place to get pizza, and I’d crash on her couch because I didn’t know driving directions to my own apartment. Then we’d go to work at 10am.

    My producer at the time was about 28 and would say things like “Ah, to be young again…” I, age 22-23, would roll my eyes and say “Oh shut up, you’re not old. You could totally come out with us, you just don’t WANT to.”

    It was pretty much exactly my 28th birthday that I was like “Oh, I get it. No, I do NOT want to. That sounds terrible.”

    Saturday night was my roommate’s birthday party. One of her friends hosted a potluck dinner, and then we ended up moving to a bar around midnight. Around 3 one of her friends suggested going to a dance club but we were like “LOL NOPE” and took a cab home for one more beer on the couch before going to bed around 4:45.

    This was SATURDAY and I am still not recovered. It’s not even about how much I drank, because I probably had about 5 beers over the course of like 8 hours, and 3 of those were only 3-4% alcohol. But I’m still just exhausted to the point where I feel like I could totally take a nap right now.

    I have some friends who are my age/older who CAN survive on like 5 hours of sleep without feeling dead, and I feel like trying to explain to them that I need to go home at midnight or 1 seems like my producer trying to explain to 22-year-old-me that staying out until 4 sounds completely miserable. But my birthday is next month, so naturally I will be celebrating with day-drinking so I can go to bed at a reasonable hour, like a grown-up.

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    1 week ago

    I had a pretty solid lunch plan to eat a butternut squash lean cuisine that’s been in the freezer at work for so long that I assume whoever brought it in got laid off.

    I pulled it out of the freezer, and it said ‘best by October 2013.’

    Does that stop me? Nah. That’s just BEST by. It’s probably at least ‘not poison’ in September 2014, right?

    I ate about 1.5 bites and it was mostly mushy and tasteless. So now I’m eating raisins out of my drawer, because that seems safer than eating food I found.